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tv   9 On Your Side News 6  ABC  January 25, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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scott sloan is used to being behind a microphone, not lying in a hospital bed.but, three days after back surgery, his body began shutting down because of a serious intestinal infection. infection. "in 24 hours i went from everything being fine to my blood pressure going down into the 50's over 40's, fever spiking to 103 degrees. started having tremors and seizures because of that." within minutes, sloan found swith seven iv lines running into his body. "it was horrific. it's the worst version of the flu and sickness you've ever had. you can't keep anything inside of you. they're pumping you full of fluids." fluids."then, there was the moment that sloan got frightened -- really frightened. frightened. "looking in the mirror and not recognizing myself. that scared me fortunately the right way getting my mind right and fortunately i was able to leave icu." icu."the illness was an intestinal infection known as c-dif. c-dif. "it stands for clostridium difficile, which is the name of the germ that causes this problem. it is a germ that is sometimes normal inhabitant of us, but when it overgrows and it acts a little bad, it causes trouble for people." people."dr. carl fictenbaum of
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says there's a reason for that. that. "it probably has a lot to do with us using a lot more antibiotics both to treat people and animals." animals."sloan says he took anti-biotics for a sinus infection in december, but didn't realize wiped out the good germs in his intestines, leaving the bad ones behind. so, how can that be avoided? avoided? "you should limit the antibiotics to only use them when you absolutely need them." the tray besides sloan in his living room contains another remedy that he subscribes to. "make sure if you get prescribed an anti-biotic that you also take probiotics. that's things like greek yogurt, kafer, which is sort of a liquid tasting tarter yogurt. you can even have probiotic supplements." dr. fichtenbaum says that's good, but it won't always prevent cdif.he says good hand washing is a big factor in preventing the illness from spreading.sloan says he feels well enough now to go back on the wlw air waves this mckee, nine on your side, live in corryville. an indiana man is now accused
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girls... even drugging them in the process... and recording what he did. nine on your side told you about the first allegation against steven rekowski earlier this month. our john genovese says that case led to other families coming forward. plain and simple - these are horrific allegations. we're told it will take months to sort through all the evidence. the prosecutor says it's the first time he's come across someone creating child porn with so many victims who all live in the area. "i think we've only touched the tip of the iceberg as far as the mountain of evidence we've already seen" 44-year-old 'steven rekowski' is behind bars at the canvassed the area where he lived and who lived near him - and interviewed any child we were aware of that he had contact with" as of now - prosecutor aaron negangard says his office has identified 7 victims - all girls - between 4 and 10 years old "in
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him performing sex acts with them - in some cases we have disclosure - in one instance, we have video, he's having the 8 year perform sex acts on him and he's having the 4 year old watch" but it doesn't stop there. in some instances - negangard says, the girls were drugged. likely by adult- strength muscle relaxants discovered in rekowski's home "it's pretty clear from the video itself that there's more than just a kid who's fallen asleep" recowski was first arrested on january 1st after the mother of one of the victims locked him in her laundry room after seeing photos of her 4-year-old on his phone. the prosecutor's office says all of the victims were children of rekowski's friends - neighbors - or people he'd had relationships with in the
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a painful day for students at milford high school after one of their own is killed in a car crash, crash, 16 year old lauren wilfong was a junior at the school college courses as well. today investigators were back at the scene on glendale- milford road where they say wilfong overcorrected a curve and hit another car head on yesterday. milford high school's principal had the entire clermont county response crisis team at the school today. josh kauffman, milford h.s. principal:05:58 she was delightful. she had a bright smile. when i'd see her in the office she was just always smiling and just always in a pleasant disposition. and just a fine young lady. not a care in the world and just had her eyes set on the right things. things. 9 on your side is told grief counselors will be back at the school again tomorrow for those who need to talk. no word yet on memorial services. northern kentucky university is at the center of lawsuit- filed by a student- saying she
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did next to nothing about it. t.j. parker has been looking at the lawsuit- he's here now with more on these allegations, t.j.? craig- in the lawsuit- the victim says she was raped in the fall of 20-13 and after trying to get help from the unversity- she says nothing was done and she continued to see her attacker on campus. this 19-page document- outlines years of nightmares for a northern kentucky university student- who alleges she was raped. after trying to hide it from her family- the victim- finally came forward. she went to n- k-u's conseling service- telling them what happened. in the lawsuit it says- the service- told the victim to keep what happened in the university system rather than talk to police. hoping that would help- she did. to the contrary though, the victim says, the university didn't do anything. she continued to see her attacker on campus. she even says he intimdated and taunted her several times. she says the "no contact order" put in place on him- was violated- and she says the
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that as well. we reached out to n-k-u- which says the complaint contains many factual errors. we're expecting to get a formal response from the school, soon. i've also reached out to the victim's attorney, to see how they're going to proceed. carol. police need your help tonight in the shooting death of a 24- year-old mother of three. "iesha williams" died over the weekend after investigators say she was shot inside her car on reading road earlier this month. 9 on your side's jason law spoke to william's sister about the one case. a memorial is set up here on reading road in bond hill. this is where police say iesha williams was shot january 14th. police say iesha was *not* alone in the car. she had a passenger-and her family believes that man holds the key to finding who shot "i feel like my sister was at the wrong place in the wrong time with the wrong person. it
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maria williams says her sister iesha suffered until the very end. end. "the way the gunshot actually went in her body, she didn't have a fighting chance. she would have been paralyzed iesha died saturday, 10 days after police say she was shot while driving her red truck through bond hill. investigators said iesha had a passenger in the truck and he was able to get away. no one knows who this man is, but captain paul broxterman told 9 on your side it's likely the bullets were not intended for the 24-year-old mother of three. if i were to make a guess, i would say her passenger may have been the intended target." now iesha's family is desperately trying to find out who this man is. we don't know who was in the car with her, we don't know where he was at, we don't know who he is, we don't have a description, or anything like find him." they were after him, so i know he knows something wherever he
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police tell us the car that pulled up alongside iesha's truck was a gray sedan, possibly a nissan altima. investigators are asking anyone with any information to call crimestoppers at 513-352-3040. one murder.. four suspects. the moments before a deadly shooting in west chester are revealed in court. from homless pooch to being helped by george clooney. this little guy has quite a story to tell. why clooney thought
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what started as an attempt to steal marijuana ended with the murder of a west chester teen ager. that's what came out today in butler county court. justin koch, demarcus staley, jibril willingham, and rodney foster are all charged with killing tyler kassow earlier this month.police say staley and foster went into kassow's house for marijuana... there was a struggle over a gun... and when the gun went off... kassow was hit in the head. seven buildings in over the rhine have now been declared "public nuisances"... which could lead to the city taking control of the properties and tearing them down. ten of the buildings are north of liberty street. the other is in avondale. the owner has until march 15-th to make repairs.
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a detailed list at the repairs ordered by the court. weather and sports are ahead, what do you guys have coming up? up? who's your super bowl pick?....carolina might be the favorite...but peyton manning is probably the sentimental choice,. "he was comatose...he was nothing but bones."a local dog is rescued and healed... but nobody adopted him... until an unexpected call. "i did say, is this a joke?"the celebrity opening the doors to a new
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deformed survives to be noticed by one of hollywood's elite, the tri-state's own george clooney. clooney. our scott wegener tells us of a real life movie fairy tale, where the star has four legs and a limp. no one would have expected it. it. that this bundle of energy would ever become top dog when he was rescued from his original home. home. "he was comatose...he was nothing but bones."nate had been crowded in with twenty two other bigger, stronger dogs in the home of a hoarder. a birth defect in his leg put him at a distinct disadvantage. disadvantage. "not being strong enough to fight for his own food."even after nate was taken in by carol roberts' rescue operation, luvfurmutts, his mishapen body repulsed would be adopters. adopters. "i said, what's wrong, and she's going, 'i would stay depressed the rest of my life if i had to look at that dog." carol thought poor nate would never find a home.then--a fateful phone call from a woman called 'angel,' who said; said;
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george clooney from george's house in england."carol's first response; response; "is this a joke?"it wasn't. george and his wife amal had been watching nate's video online from across the pond. they wanted the little dog for george's parents, nick and nina clooney . . "to say we were startled was an understatement."carol delivered nate personally to the elder clooney's doorstep. doorstep. "the tears in nina's eyes when she opened the door. just wonderful, happy tears for both of us."a hollywood ending for a little dog who nick insists adopted *them.* *them.* "a wonderful way to find certain part of your life completed in a way that cannot be touched in any other fashion."scott wegener, nine on your side, colerain
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weather summary: a cold front will move through the ohio valley tonight. due to temperatures in the upper 30s, this will fall as rain tonight. light, spotty showers will continue into the tuesday morning drive. in all, we are look at less than a tenth of an inch of rain so this is a rather minor system. temperatures will actually be at their warmest on tuesday just after midnight. this definitely keeps our precipitation liquid for the
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it seems a lot of people were cheering for the broncos this weekend....mainly because of payton manning. he won a super bowl for the colts...and this looked like his final chance to get back. back.he doesn't throw the way he used to...but he appears to be just as smart and as competitive as ever. and now he goes to the super bowl for the fourth time ..and that's
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lukekuechley plans to bring his. the st x grad picked off a pass and ran it back for a touchdown for the second straight playoff game on sunday.-about eight years ago...kuechley was a st x bomber. they have to fill good about that over on north bend road. adam norwell, an anderson grad will also start for the panthers. he went to carolina as an undrafted free agent and has started ever since on the
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did anyone else have a severe case of deja vue yesterday when carson palmer started to throw all those passes to the other team. it sure was reminiscent of his final days in a cincinnati benglas could here lap on the radio yelling..oh no.. also from proved that kicks do count...even extra point kicks that the nfl moved back this season. season.and the first time the patriots scored with the football on sunday, they missed the point after. it was a difference maker. give them that point at the end of the game and we would have had overtime. the bengals are rolling out their new plan for selling season tickets. the teams is using a new variable pricing system.. and is creating a :season ticket member services department" to help fans. that means ticket prices will be based on the popularity of the game.the bengals say most n-f-l teams already use variable ticket pricing. and now here's julie dolan with what's coming up on nine on your side at seven. tonight at 6--- we told you
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against northern kentucky university... and new at 7.. you're going to hear from the attorney representing the young woman who says the university retaliated against her after she claimed she was sexually
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that's 9 on your side at six for this monday. monday.we're always on with breaking news, weather and
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